About Komito Assistance

  1. Vision on the future


We live in a world where the power has shifted from brands to customers, from products to services. 


Therefore real estate development needs inspiration and must inspire people. It must deliver fantastic experiences for the customers, whether they are young, medior or retired.


All our customers all looking for living a life stuffed by “good feeling”, positive emotions, quality of services, respect for the environment and real estate should be future proof.

That’s how we see real estate (r-)evolute from a pure product oriented to a service oriented approach. We focus strongly on the following elements:


  • Creation of a mixed environment where young and old are living together on the same site
  • Integration of Internet of Things to better monitor
    • future expenses,
    • cost savings,
    • elder people and give them comfort
    • usage of materials
  • Solar panels to better protect the environment and save costs
  • Natural light, because we need light. We have our doubts about passive constructions, often missing natural light sources
  • Architecture as a service, where future use changes due to age change are integrated.